Welcome to Catholic Wellness Moms!

Are you just tired, overwhelm, and just not able to lose the weight?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with so many programs out there about wellness, not sure where to go.

You just don’t have the time nor the energy to find the perfect fit for you.

But you know that you can’t wait one more day!

Something has to change!

I am Maria Cecilia, a Catholic Wellness Mom coach.  

After years of being overwhelmed, overweight, overwork, that resulted in an midlife crisis, I had a Godly intervention 6 years ago, that made me see that I needed to change.  

I learned to make wellness simple and holy!

I look God’s greatest commandment to love him, with my body, mind, and soul and turned into my wellness routine!

Now, I coach Catholic moms using our Trinity Wellness program so that they can enhance their own wellness of body, mind, and soul.

I can help you.  Again, our program is simple and doable midst the chaos of  our vocation of motherhood.

Trinity Wellness is a unique program for moms!

Let’s chat and see how we can get your wellness routine enhancing your holiness!

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