Day 4 of taking 5 days to see the possibilities of how a growth mindset can have in our lives. This series is about sharing with you one of the three important aspects of whole-body wellness, the mind. During these 5 days, we will cover; Abundance, Thankfulness, Acceptance, Positive Self-image and Discomfort.

We tend to think that if we were thin, had more money or were more successful, we would be happy and everything would just fall into place. 
Thinness, money, and success have to do with your physical body. Happiness has to do with your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

True Happiness comes from a true and personal relationship with God so that you can see that is only Him that can fill you. And when you see your worth in Him you will start to create changes within you.

But if you think something in the world has the power to make you happy, you will be left chasing happiness until you die. We cannot create happiness from something external – it never works.

Maybe you think getting rich or being thin will solve your current problems, but you will find a new set of problems because there will always be happy and sad. That person with the perfect body still worries about her body. The most successful people still worry. 

Until you decide that you are going to love yourself and start thinking positive thoughts, you will never feel happy with your body – or anything external.

We must learn to accept and love ourselves – no matter what we weigh. 

You are worthy and capable of making and reaching big goals!! You were created by an amazing God who wouldn’t just create you for nothing. You were created to bring His light into your life as well to the life around you. You were created for greatness.

Yet, it is only when you really started to see your true worth in Him that you will first stop seeking other things to fill in your God Hole and you will start to transform your whole-self into a daughter of a King.

The brain is an amazing part of us but we need to understand so that we can work with it. Therefore, you can recognize that the brain wants immediate pleasure and seeks comfort (eat when tired or stressed, sit on the couch instead of going to the gym, give up because it is easier), then you understand that self-sabotaging thoughts are normal.

Choose not to listen to these thoughts in these circumstances. In order to choose positive self-image thoughts and delayed-gratification, you have to talk to your brain more than you listen to it.

You are capable of deciding to love yourself and be happy and content in who you are right now. So, let’s unpack your “ideal” self-image…

Today’s challenge is for you to write down what you want others to think of you. What do you want your kids to think about you? What do you want your husband to think about you? Your friends, boss, parents, etc…?

Really go deep.
Are you caring, strong, hospitable, motivated, capable…?

Please comment below and let me know what your thoughts are about Positive-Image

With the love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia

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