Last day of taking 5 days to see the possibilities of how a growth mindset can have in our lives. This series is about sharing with you one of the three important aspects of whole-body wellness, the mind. During these 5 days, we will cover; Abundance, ThankfulnessAcceptance, Positive Self-image and Discomfort.

Discomfort will move you forward. Comfort keeps you the same.

Discomfort is part of the process of change.

The more you put yourself out there and embrace discomfort, the further along in business – and life – you will be. Ask yourself this, if you are not as far along as you want to be, have you chosen to be uncomfortable?

How do you get good at discomfort? You get uncomfortable more.

Our primitive brain likes to keep us safe. When we put ourselves out there, the primitive brain goes into panic mode. It is uncomfortable.

The reality is nobody really likes the feeling of being uncomfortable. It is very uncomfortable to change. It’s uncomfortable to do new things. It’s uncomfortable to fail. It’s uncomfortable to put ourselves “out there.”

If you are able to understand that putting yourself out there is when you grow, you will be able to not only handle the discomfort but use it to propel you forward.

There are two kinds of discomfort.
The discomfort that serves you and is caused by a loving discipline for yourself. And negative discomfort caused by negative, self-sabotage thoughts.

The negative discomfort comes from negative thinking… You feel like you are not good enough, you will never be successful, who would ever buy from you, etc. If you take action from negative discomfort and thoughts, you are going to be resistant and continue to push yourself away from success.

The negative thoughts are coming from negative emotions, right? Our thoughts are driven by our emotions. So, if this is how you feel, you need to spend some time working on your mind a bit. If you are experiencing discomfort because you are trying new things and putting yourself out there, this is where growth and change happen.

The discomfort that serves you allows you to feel a level of accomplishment. So maybe you said you were going to launch a new program this year. You do and no one signs up. It is painful but there are probably a hundred things you could learn from that experience. 

That kind of discomfort allows you to take action and move forward towards a goal. You took a step forward, even if it didn’t look exactly how you hoped, you created discomfort that was based on learning and moving forward.

John Henry quote on comfort Catholic Fit moms for life

Success is built upon failures. Put yourself out there and be ok with failure. Failure is feedback and the more you fail, the more you learn about yourself.

Hard things take time… and failure! If you are asking a lot of yourself, you will be afraid and uncomfortable a lot of the time.

The more you practice overcoming discomfort, it gets easier!

Today, I challenge you to write one thing that would get you out of your comfort zone. Think the action through and visualize the ideal results. Then do the uncomfortable action which afters write down what you learned from it.

Again, it will take more than just these 5 days to really set our mindset towards wellness, that is why we develop a Mother’s Mindset program so that you can take the time to really see where your mindset is and how you can grow it.

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With the love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia