“So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee, to Bethlehem the town of David…” (Luke 2:4)

Going “up” to Bethlehem is an important clue about the terrain, meaning more Judean mountains. The range encompasses both Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Galilee is north of Jerusalem; Bethlehem is to the south. The shortest route, 70 miles more or less as the crow flies, is through Samaria. Given the antipathy between Jews and Samaritans, Joseph and Mary likely skirted the area and went around the longer way.

Saltzman – Aletia

This Advent, I want to physically experience the walk that Joseph and Mary took as they traveled to Bethlehem.

So, 80 Miles, with 28 days in Advent, that is about 2.86 miles a day at least.

I can walk 2.86 miles a day in the beautiful climate here on the Gulf of Mexico, without a donkey (at least with a corgi).

Join me (well maybe not on the Gulf) but where ever you are, and this Advent season walk 80 miles as we enhance our journey of holiness through wellness.

Download your chart below and this advent walk with Mary!

With Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia

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