5 Years is a lot of time.
5 years isn’t a lot of time compared to the rest of your life.
What 5 years have done for me, I will be forever grateful to God’s merciful love.
You might know my Door of Mercy Story that took place 5 years ago this coming November 21st.
Yes, these 5 years of many ups and downs and turnarounds and shutdowns.
So many side projects have failed. 
Those failed projects, have grown me into what I am today. 
If I didn’t fail, I wouldn’t have gotten up even stronger.
I wouldn’t have found the missing puzzle piece of my wellness (Bright Line Eating).
I wouldn’t have been striped away of all things so that I can be just humble.
I have 5 years of keeping about 60 pounds off.
Honesty, this past year has been surprising the hardest one,  not only spiritually wise but physically. 
You see, I have been stuck at the same weight (which is considered by the medical field as overweight at 158) even with all the workouts, running, whole30 eating, etc.
NOTHING was working.
Then God brought into my life, a very BRIGHT Line.
Bright Line Eating – is again a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board on your weight loss and wellness.
That was the missing piece of my puzzle…
As today, day 21 with 8 pounds of fat gone, I see that my Brain is finally saying THANK you, now I can think, now I can see things clearly.
8 pounds of fat gone is just one of the many effects that I have been feeling since I started eating and structuring my meals in the Bright Line Eating system. 
I have been eating like a queen. I am finally nourishing myself to flourish.
80% of eating clean wasn’t good enough for my body, I needed 100% and I need a system to make it happen.

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So as one of my favorite role models mentions, let us not look in the pass nor the future, let us focus on TODAY and Make it Great.  All we have is the moment at hand!

I had many of you asking if I was going to offer another Merciful Love Challenge again. 

After praying about it for a few weeks and after these days on BLE, I knew that I can offer an upgrade version of the previous challenges to one that will upgrade your own wellness journey.

This could be the last one or not. But What I do know is that is very different in the sense of implementing the Bright Line Eating system to it and adding a different type of accountability to it.

So read more, and see not only how merciful love can challenge your soul but how this system can impact your brain to finally start living a wellness life that you know will last and bring you closer to His love for self! 

So to celebrate the upcoming 5th year anniversary, I am hosting another Merciful Love Challenge starting on Oct. 17 to finish up on Nov. 21st– The day of my anniversary.


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Please feel free to ask any questions or schedule a chat so that we can see if this challenge is right for you!

With the love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia