I have been saying for a few years that I am going to run a Marathon (Last year I was going to Walk a Marathon for Holy Souls, remember?) but one excuse after another has prevented me from actually doing it until now. 

My only son turned 18 years old in August and I was shooting to do the Camino with him but that is not happening so instead we will be running a Full Marathon on December 10th!

So no going back, signing up, paying the fee, and already started training as of today.



Motivating oneself to run a marathon can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. 

I need motivation to just tie my running shoes. 

So I went back to an old idea, called Mercy Runs on Love, using some type of ministry or cause to run for as I bring awareness to that ministry and cause.

I did my first half marathon to ProLove Minsitries.

So as you can imagine, after my sweet encounter with Holy Souls and being awakened to their great need of our prayers, works, joys, and suffering being offered up for them, I will be using them as a great motivator to train and run this marathon.

Performing acts of mercy for the holy souls in purgatory is a deeply compassionate and spiritual practice.

Helping the holy souls in purgatory is an act of mercy. Holy Souls in purgatory are undergoing purification before entering heaven, and the living can assist them through prayer and good deeds.

It does make it easier to forget myself and keep on running the next mile.

Therefore, I ask for your help, I would love to have a long list of names of Holy Souls that I can pray for during my training and during my Full Marathon.

IF you can kindly fill out the form below, and give me some names, I would be grateful as well they would be grateful!

You have an option to put your email if you want to stay update on this Mercy Run and all things Holy Souls!

Maybe you aren’t called to run a full marathon but why not try the Holy & Hard 30 Wellness Challenge?