Who is A Catholic Wellness mom?


She is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and his beloved bride, the Catholic Church.  She tries to live up to her vocation to motherhood and marriage to the best of her abilities among the craziness of life.  Even if she falls into the sins of the world, she brings herself back into the arms of Mother Mary as she seeks God’s mercy.    

She wants to live a full life knowing that wellness of body, mind, and soul is the way towards holiness.

Her fitness might not be what the world would call fit, with abs of steel, arms cut and a size 2 jeans.  No, She walks, she runs, she plays a DVD during nap time for a quick workout, she might even hit the gym while kids are in school or early before they arise.

Whatever way she can, she will. She doesn’t care what others do as long as she gives it a try for herself.

She seeks food to nourish her most of the time and as well to indulge when there is a need for it.

She knows that she has battles to fight, family to care for, and dreams to fulfill. She needs the strength to do it.  Sometimes she is strong, other times she is weak.

Yet, she takes moments during the day to rest her mind with words of encouragement from books, a blog post, social media, and most important from the Gospel. 

She knows she needs to feed her soul and build up her mindset and strengthen the body, for the battle is real and the attacks come from all different angles.

She knows its a messy vocation, that looks different every day with struggles, joys, disappointments, and achievements. Yet, she knows that this life is beautiful and worth it.

She knows that no matter what, She can always count on the mercy of God to keep her going. 

This mom is YOU!


Hello, I am Maria Cecilia, 47 yr. homeschool mother of 5 children along with 5 saints in heaven living in South Mississippi on the Gulf Coast with my husband of 21 years.

My love for Jesus, Divine Mercy, and Holy Souls has brought me to where I am in Life, a mom seeking holiness through wellness. 

I love to share all about this journey using my gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well using the good social media, challenges, and in-person activities such as retreats and being a speaker.

These days, my fitness is walking on the beach or with my 4-legged son, a plum corgi, riding my bike, and Functional strength training (simple & doable for any moms!)

 This journey of motherhood, and struggling with my wellness, has led me to develop  Trinity Wellness, a wellness program that emerged in the Catholic faith that is simple and holy so moms can live out God’s greatest commandment to love Him with all our heart, mind, and soul with strength. #wellnessthroughholiness 

 Thank you for visiting, I pray that you join our community over on Facebook page and together we can journey along with this balancing act of finding wellness through holiness!

 Let’s have a chat and see how we can enhance your journey of wellness through holiness so you can live out God’s greatest commandment!