There is nothing like having a special visitor on your birthday.

Especially a visitor that you have no clue of who they are, how they look like, not even their name.

But they visited you. They made sure to awaken in you something that has been forgotten by millions.

What I am about to share, is true to me. I was there. I know what I felt. I know what I saw (though there wasn’t anything to see but to feel).

You can take it as you wish, that is not up to me but to God.

I have not wanted to share this story (I did share it with my spiritual director) due to many reasons.

However, to make my plea real to you, I feel the need to share this story so that God’s glory can bring others to aid the Holy Souls.


So the story goes like this, on my birthday, which happened to be Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25th, I went to adoration about 3:15 am. This is not unusual of me, I have been going twice a week at this time for a few months now.

I am not sure how long I was in the Chapel alone with Christ but at one point, there was to be a strange noise, a very quiet strange noise if that makes any sense. A noise like an entrance.

Our Chapel has cameras around it and I saw that no one was near it.

Then, I knew as I know my name, there was a soul there. I knew that I wasn’t alone with Christ but someone had come to visit the Chapel.

A Holy Soul.

I asked for that soul to share their identity but nothing. I knew that I had to pray for that soul, to really pray for the Holy Souls.


It has been 41 days since that day and I haven’t missed a day where I don’t pray for them, think of them, or ask them for their aid.

I was awakened to see that I have forgotten them, I had lacked love for them.

But now, there are no more excuses to avoid this act of mercy for souls that suffer more than you and I can even imagine in this life.  We just don’t have a clue.

With Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia