I want to apologize to you. I owe you an explanation.

 Why? Because you have lifted me up prayers for so long, you have stayed a reader, you have taken the time to listen, to read, to participate. 

Tomorrow will mark the third week of an exodus from mostly all social media, Fiat Wellness Center, podcast, blog, and whatever else took a part of my being. 

You see, for at least a year or at least for the last six months,

I was absorbed in the whirlwind of work that I have abandoned the core of my faith of not doing His will. I pushed so much to share, to encourage, to grow one’s wellness that I put aside my very own. 

Yes, I have taken care of my body, grown my mindset, and lived out a prayer life. I believe that I have gotten to the place of the pure joy of wellness but He wanted more. Through a few events in my personal life, He spoke to me.

He needed to use stronger storms so that I could stop and be still. And see HIS will, not mine.

 This online world can consume you. It will make you think that you are doing the will of God in your work, your time spent, in your words, etc.

 But is it the will of God? 

He has been asking me for months to hide. But how could I hide with a desire to share.

I felt a strong desired to be out here. To give it my all for I felt the desired was His will in sharing His mercy. But is a desire the same as His will? It can be so confusing.

So the storm came into shore and I gave Him my will. 

I seek only His will and to really do His will, I have to hide. To leave the noise of the world, the glamour of chase, the business of the void.

I gave it up for Him. I finally said Yes to His demand.

 I will not allow myself any longer to be so absorbed in the whirlwind of this world that I forget to do the will of God.

These weeks have shown me that the weight of the online world is too heavy, too consuming to be true to the Fiat of my vocation and the will of God.

 I have reduced 80% of the online things (such as no podcast, Fiat Wellness Center, weekly emails, limited Facebook posting, etc) so that I can really see clearly for the first time His will and to have the courage to do it, no matter cost it brings me.

 We can uplift the church and society right in the hidden world of our vocation.

 There are seasons to this journey of life and some are filled with storms and others with a calm shore.

 Having Christ as your anchor is the only way to survive the storms.

 I have replaced the online world for the one right in front of me, an in-person one, where one can see, feel, smell, and hear His mercy.

 So until the next time, Be free to live your life in His will.

With the Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia