Primal Potential – This a very helpful website with amazing information from mindset, health, fitness and more.  This is one of the podcasts that I listen to on wellness. *Not Catholic.

SwingLean – Tracy Reifind introduces me to the world of Kettlebell Swings. She has a great book, and an amazing YouTube channel where you can get FREE workouts using the swing.

Delay, Don’t Deny – This one of the best books out about Intermittent Fasting. The author, Gin writes the science of Fasting into terms easy to understand and follow. 

Lazy Keto Intermittent – Catholic Mom support group on Facebook

Eat for Your Cycle  – This simple course teaches you in one day how to eat during parts of your cycle.

I am always adding resources that I have found beneficial.  Many of these resources might not be Catholic so please be aware.   

  If you have a resource that will be a great fit, please contact me below. Thanks!