Many moons ago, we used to have these Merciful Love Challenges using the 33 Days Consecration Do-It-Yourself by the Marian Father with a wellness challenge.

We had many moms asking us if we were planning to do this again now that we are back from our “pause” time.

So after many prayers, we decided to start up again these challenges that go along with the 33 Days consecration.

We took the time to create a planner and journal that will enhance your challenge.

The 33 Days planner/journal is broken into the 3 aspects of wellness; body, mind, and soul with information on all three aspects.

In the Soul section, we share a simple way to enter into a journey with God during your mental prayer, examen prayer, and  journaling with a plea to pray for the Holy Souls.

In the Mind section, we explain the great benefits of gratitude, affirmations, and journaling with a simple format to do daily journaling.

In the Body section, we explain what is the basic Trinity eating, how to create a healthy meal, what is functional exercise with two doable workout plans, and a progress chart. 

There are 33 days where you have a place to plan your day with a to-do list, a section to write your meals with a guideline, check off your habits, write your daily prayer intention and resolution of the day. 

Daily pages for journaling, mental prayer and the Examen prayer with a few extra pages to record your thoughts during those times of prayers.

You can get a copy of this journal in our shop as a digital at the moment. Paperbacks will be coming soon to the shop.

This journal can be used with any of the 33 Days of Consecration Do-It-Yourself Retreat any time you choose to do one of them.

We are planning to start a Consecration Wellness Challenge on November 29th using the Morning Glory, a Marian consecration so that the consecration day falls on the Blessed Mother’s feast day January 1st. 

Join us this fall for on this challenge to enhance this journey of wellness through holiness.

By signing up you will receive:
* The book; Morning Glory
* Heroic Act bookmark – read more about this powerful prayer for Holy Souls.
* Weekly group coaching:  Wednesday at 9am central and Tuesday at 6pm central where we will meet on zoom for a wellness check up, discussion of the readings and prayers (We will have an in person location for those who are local as an option as well)
* 1 month of membership to SoulCore Online streaming.  We will also get together on zoom at 10am central M-Thursday for a Holy Souls Chaplet workout.
* Private Facebook group/ Whatszup group.
End this 2022 with a powerful challenge that will bring you strength of body, clarity of the mind, and peace to the soul!


I pray that you will join me and end 2022 with powerful challenge and start the New Year with an even more powerful consecration to Our Blessed Mother!

Until next, have a Blessed Bright day,

Maria Cecilia