Remember when we used to have to wait for the internet to dial-up? 

Or more than two days for package delivery?

In today’s world, instant gratification is almost expected. 

Unfortunately, this does not serve people well when it comes to diet and exercise.

And most good things take time.

Extreme meal plans and fad diets that guarantee quick results require serious changes to your daily life and usually include a certain deprivation level. 

Both of which are hard to maintain.

Not only that, these extremes and things like “cheat days” take the thinking out of the game.

You blindly follow a plan or diet that someone else created – you have little to no say in it.

Practicing and creating a lifestyle that enables you to make healthy, conscious, and consistent choices about your daily diet are much more sustainable. 

Mindfulness is constantly being AWARE of your decisions, what you are doing, and how you feel.

Mindfulness requires you to understand yourself.

Your personal preferences, how you handle stress, your schedule, and your body’s unique physiology are things you need to investigate and become an expert on. You are the expert of your own body. No coach or nutritionist can do that for you.

Being mindful of what you eat and how you feel takes practice and actively requires you to make a choice.

The more you understand your body and the food that fuels it – eating well and moving more begins to become automated.

With the love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia