Today is my 4th anniversary of one of the most profound experiences of mercy that I had encountered.

November 20, 2016, was the last day of the Year of Mercy. I brought my five children (13 to 9 months) to walk through the Doors of Mercy at 3 pm at the church called Divine Mercy in New Orleans.

As I walked through those doors and step inside the church, a most profound experience happened to my soul.

As real as I felt my child’s hand, I felt God’s hand on my heart. He marked my heart with words that forever changed my life.

He whispers that if I wanted to express His mercy towards others, I had to start with myself. I could not love Him as he askes in His greatest commandments nor love others if I didn’t start with self.

You see, I had spent 15 years of marriage and family life living as I didn’t know how to love genuinely. I had the wrong impression that if I just gave my family, all of me first, I would have enough for myself.

But there was never enough. By the time it came time for self, it was empty—nothing left to pour out. I had become this self-made martyr. I thought I understood this holiness by being this martyr. Boy, was I so wrong.

There was nothing holy about not taking care of God’s greatest gift; the gift of my life.
There was nothing holy about running on empty trying to be an example of God’s merciful love yet failing to love one of his creations, myself.

He holds my heart with His lands and marks my heart with a kiss of merciful love.
That a real love, real sacrifice, absolute holiness must, first of all, start with self.

In November, that day will be forever, the day that I started to live out the call of merciful love, as I began to with self.

It hasn’t been a smooth journey. It has its ups and downs. I knew that I if I wanted to live out this calling of holiness, my wellness had to be a part of it.

I never thought by saying Yes to this call that I would be where I am today. I didn’t realize that by saying Yes that not only I would lose the weight, but I would gain a sense of love not only for myself but for Father that out of His merciful love, created me to live, smile, and hold my head high as a proud daughter of a King.

I am so passionate about bringing this message of mercy to others.

The message says that Yes, you can have wellness right amidst the chaos of motherhood.

I  pray that you are somehow blessed by this post and that you see how beautiful and wonderfully you are made. Made for a great life filled with the wellness of body, mind, and soul so that holiness will be your mark.

Have a Blessed Day!

Maria Cecilia




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