An alternative approach to diets and meal plans: Seek Wellness through Holiness.

Holiness in wellness can be simple. Yes. It can. Just wait for it. Hear me out! This is an alternative approach to diets and meal plans.

I have gone on diets and done meal plans that if I could I would be rich now had I saved my money!  I want that “BODY” that I had before these little humans took over it.  I wouldn’t trade that for the world!

But I try hard to get it back. You name it. I did it. I plan it. I bought it.  Guess what happen? A few weeks later or months or another pregnancy, it all went away. Flush in the toilet of money waste.

Until I kid you not, I walk through a set of doors that open wide not only my heart to His merciful love but my mind. I saw for the first time that sunny cool Friday, that I needed to mercifully love me in my own way, in my vocation with His merciful love.

He showed me that true wellness doesn’t come from a book, a plan, a workout. It comes from the heart.

A merciful heart that seeks to love self is not selfish.  

Because HE loves me. He gave me LIFE. And that is how I can honor Him. In my wellness.

So I grew in this mindset and learn more and more about true wellness.  Learn that it wasn’t about the diet or meal plan.

It was something very simple, it was holiness in my wellness in the midst of my vocation.

I finally learn to seek Holiness in Wellness!  I saw that as beautiful creation created by an Amazing God, I was meant for this wellness. I shared more over at Merciful Love Challenge.


It doesn’t have to be hard. Life is hard. Let me share with you how simple it really is.

If you have ever gone on a diet just to quit after a few weeks or months, or even days, I challenge you to try this:

Think about what you eat now and how you can make it better. Yes, that simple.

Everything we eat is either a carbohydrate, fat, protein or alcohol.

You need carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are food such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Carbohydrates are also white bread, cookies, and pastries.

 Choose better carbohydrates.

Your body needs protein. You do not need to eat ALL protein, but your body needs it in moderation. Protein is found in chicken, shrimp, egg whites and yogurt to name a few.

Your body needs fat. Fat is more nutrient-dense (and delicious) so it is easy to overeat. Fat is not the problem – overeating it is. Fat is found in nuts, oils, avocado, and whole eggs.

Don’t over complicate eating healthy. It is bad enough that so many other areas of our lives are complicated, kids are complicated, a diva toddler and teenage are complicated, Saxon Math can be very complicated!

You don’t need to weigh and measure everything or count out each nut you eat. For Real! — I have to remember diapers and wipes. Who is going to count for me 16 almonds???

If you want to eat healthy for the rest of your life – and ditch the diet and meal plan train – start where you are and make it a little bit better.

Day by day, week by week, you will make a lasting change. It is in the small things. One by one. As our dear St. Therese, teaches us, it is in the Little Way.

Holiness in wellness is done in little ways. One moment at a time. 

All you have, all that I have is the next moment to make it count. Don’t worry that you just ate 3 bowls of Captain Crunch this morning.  Don’t let the Captain take you captive. You have the next moment to choose 1 thing and make it count towards your journey of holiness in your wellness. 

If you need a little help putting together balanced meals that include healthy carbs, protein, and fat?

Diets and meal plans are both certain ways of eating. Many mamas have success with diets and meal plans. Not this mama. Maybe you, maybe not. 

I again have success for a little while and then gain the weight back. Some mamas quit before they have a chance to see results.

Most mamas don’t like to be told what to do – or what to eat.

Yes, I do get that some mamas like a prescription, especially if it is short term and they are working towards a certain goal, such as a healthy pregnancy or getting enough nutrients for a marathon. The short term status and that pay off both make it easier to follow the directions.

YET, it is important to recognize that long term strict diets or meal plans come with a cost.

If we make the DIET a priority, our little god, we are going to have to sacrifices other things.

If our diet or meal plan is making us feel overwhelmed, anxious, guilty, bad, or overly obsessed and preoccupied with food – it may not be serving us anymore.  I mean what mother doesn’t already feel these things just by trying to live out our vocation of motherhood.

IF we become enslaved to this diet, we might be miserable around our spouse, snapping at our kids, and constantly thinking about food worth that lean body? Probably not.

My words this year has been REST and Simplify, let me share with you some simple and easy tips to do just that in our wellness journey. So, if you want to try a different approach to dieting, here are a few easy tips:

💥 Start small – lasting change takes time!

💥 Focus on enjoying your food and being grateful for it – even if the portions are a little smaller.

💥 Think about what you currently eat and how you can make it better.

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With the Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia