Holy Souls 30 Days Wellness Challenge.

It is as simple as 1,2,3!

All you have to do is pray, move and be grateful!

Wellness is a gift from God. The care of our wellness is body, mind, and soul. One can have a balanced wellness with a simple routine that doesn’t take up too much time yet the benefits are everlasting. This Holy Souls Challenge will help you incorporate this into your busy life as well do acts of merciful love towards the forgotten souls, the Holy Souls.

How to complete the Challenge?

For 30 days you will complete all 3 below.

  • Recite a prayer of your choice to say for the Holy Souls. (soul)
  • You will write out 3 daily blessings.(mind)
  • You will perform movement of the body. (body)

So are you up for the Challenge?

Get your journal to keep you accountable and make an impact not only on your wellness but on giving of your merciful love towards the most suffering Holy Souls.

If you have any questions, I will be more then happy to chat with you about it or see if one of our Trinity Wellness programs is a Godly fit for you!

Join community over at our private Facebook group: Wellness Through Holiness,   so we can walk on this journey together in community!