Congratulations on taking up the challenge that will start you off on a transformational journey on becoming the best version of yourselves, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally as you make a great act of charity towards Holy Souls!

Here is your commitment worksheet.

Take this to prayer, ask God if those requirements are for you at this moment.

Are they hard enough to challenge you but not too much to discourage you?

Fill out the areas of what you prayerfully believe God is calling you to do for the next 75 days and commit to it.

It is best to have this done before Day 1.

After you have completed the form, print and post this on your refrigerator as a method to state accountable to your challenge!


If you would like to pledge any amount ($5, $10, etc..) just fill this simple form https://bit.ly/3Kt8UEc

It is simple, I complete the 75 Holy and Hard days, you donated your amount on July 17, if I miss one day, you donate nothing. 

Trinity Wellness Center. 

Join our community over at our private Facebook group: Wellness Through Holiness,   so we can walk on this journey together in community!

Check out our effective tool Planner/Journal that will help you stay on track these 75 days!