Congratulations on taking up the challenge that will start you off on a transformational journey on becoming the best version of yourselves, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally as you make a great act of charity towards Holy Souls!

Here is your commitment worksheet.

Take this to prayer, ask God if those requirements are for you at this moment.

Are they hard enough to challenge you but not too much to discourage you?

Fill out the areas of what you prayerfully believe God is calling you to do for the next 30 days and commit to it.

It is best to have this done before Day 1.

After you have completed the form, print and post this on your refrigerator as a method to state accountable to your challenge!

Check out the ways that we can give you the support you need to make the next 30 Days, the perfect start to your wellness to holiness journey!

Private Facebook group: TWC: Catholic Women Group

Whatzup : TWC Catholic Women Support

Online Support:

Monday & Wednesday:  Holy Rosary for Holy Souls 6am central time on FB group/Zoom.

Tuesday & Thursday:  2pm on zoom/FB group  Holy Souls Chaplet Workout by Soulcore.

Tuesday & Thursday:  7pm central time on zoom Trinity Wellness Support: 

In-person Support: Thursday at 7:30pm; contact for location.

The Holy & Hard: Wellness to Holiness Challenge Show: Listen for inspiration, reflection, & prayers: 



Trinity Wellness Thursday Email: every Thursday filled with thoughts, wellness finds, and up-coming events.  Get on our email!

Holy & Hard: The 30-Day Wellness to Holiness Challenge Planner and Journal

The Holy & Hard 30-Day Challenge Planner/Journal is a valuable tool to help you succeed in completing the challenge while enhancing your wellness journey and performing acts of mercy for the Holy Souls.

Inside the Planner & Journal:

* It breaks down wellness into three key aspects: body, mind, and soul, providing practical daily routines.

* Guides you in nurturing your spirituality with simple prayer methods, including mental prayer and examen prayer, while encouraging prayers for the Holy Souls.

* Empowers your mind through journaling with a user-friendly format for daily use.

* Offers tips and habits to nourish and strengthen your body, incorporating functional workouts.

* Tracks your progress and showcases your commitment to wellness through holiness.

* Provides 30 days of daily planning, to-do lists, habit tracking, meal logs, spiritual resolutions, and dedicated pages for personal reflections.

The planner/journal is conveniently sized at 6 x 9 inches.

 Get your copy today and be ready to challenge yourself with a Holy & Hard Challenge!