It’s been awhile since I written a blog post. Life keeps sending me curve balls.

I wanted to share about my half- marathon experience that I had on February 6th. This was my 3rd half-marathon in New Orleans with my husband.

It was a beautiful day that started off cold (30s and went up to the 50s).

The crazy thing about this run was how I was able to run 45 minutes faster than my last one. – 45 minutes! That is a lot.

I can imagine a few things came in place that helped me.

To start having lost 17 pounds of fat helped (using  Bright Line Eating and Intermittent Fasting).

Being consistent in my running no matter the weather was sure helpful.

But something else, something that afterward I notice while I look at my split times.

Holy Souls.

Let me explain.  I had started the  Holy and Hard Challenge. This challenge has helped me to unite my day, acts, prayers, and so forth for the Holy Souls. (Update: We created a new program that will help you achieve wellness through holiness.)

There was a time during my run that I could feel myself breaking down. The sun was strong, my hip was aching, and my head was filled with chatter!

What crazy people pay to suffer like this on purpose.

So I had to keep going back to my “why”, running for the unborn and the Holy Souls.

Yet when I came up to mile 10 and 11 , I could feel that I was either going to stop or give all that I had left.

It didn’t help that this was a new route and one couldn’t see the turn towards the finish line. I was breaking down.

Until, I recalled a passage that I had read the day before from St. Faustina words:

I remember that something as enjoyable as crocheting for Faustina or not as enjoyable as a 13.1 miles run can be offered for souls.

That is the beauty of our faith, that it isn’t just our prayers, masses, that can be offered for souls but even the things we enjoy, or not as in washing the dishes, even going for a walk can be offered up for souls.

So I took a breath and made a pack that I would run that last mile without walking (I use the Run Walk Method) for Holy Souls as long as I don’t die in the last mile.

Guess what?

I didn’t die and I was able to finish with a 45-minutes faster time. The crazy part was as I looked at my splits, I noticed that mile 12 speed was 10:25. I was in shock since I had been running for over 2 hours.

The moral of this story is that one can intertwine their journey of wellness through holiness.

That not only suffering that can be offered up for Holy Souls but even a simple and run, walk, workout, healthy meal, etc can be offered up and bring relief for Holy Souls.

So my friends in Christ, let us not forget the Poor Holy Souls, who are in great in of your prayers, sacrifices, and love.

Until next time, have a bright blessed day!

Maria Cecilia

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