On January 1st, I wrote you an email and post saying goodbye.

 I explain that I was living in a chaotic world of marriage, motherhood, and individualism.  One that I created for myself.

 I was trying to do so many things, I was going in so many directions and I wasn’t doing any of them right.

 Half-Ass, I might say (excuse my language).

 I explain that I just needed to quit it all; all the blogs, ministries, Facebook pages, challenges, business.

 I needed to REST (my word of the year) and Simplify everything.


Yet, in the process of shutting down things, I received an overwhelming response to what I had written.


 You explained to me that you were in the same boat.

Overwhelmed by things, things that are in our control.

 You expressed that you, like myself,  wanted both worlds yet we were losing them both.

 You also responded with gratitude.

 You told me you were blessed by some of these things that I have done, either one of the challenges, post, prints, ministries, bow, something.

 That I had encouraged you. That I felt real to you.

 And you ask me in many different ways to stay in this world, in whatever form I felt was right for my life.

 Thank you for taking the time to do just that, to express your gratitude.

 Had I know that I would have received such an amazing overwhelming response from so many of you, I bet you I wouldn’t have sent it in the first place.

So after two weeks of deep prayer and along with spiritual direction, I have come to believe that I found the middle ground.

 I will slim off the fat and keep to what truly brings me joy, excitement, inspiration within boundaries.

 I set limits. No expectations at all. 

 So here is my action plan.

 Can you believe that I had 3 Facebook pages, 3 Instagrams, 3 blogs, 2 ministries, and 2 Pinterest account.


* I will close down the Hairbow business (which all items are 50% off while supply lasts).

 * I have set aside the girls’ ministry to a time where I can be out of the house more often.  Our household has is a senior, 8th grader, 7th grader, 5th grader, a kindergarten, a 3-year-old diva all to homeschool, and a cute corgi. Yeah, I need to be in the home, in the trenches. 

 (Then I wonder why my brain was on overload. I was everywhere yet going nowhere.) 

*I have shut down 2 Facebook pages, 1 Instagram account, and 1 Pinterest account, as well as setting limits on social media (such as my #chickfilasunday).

This crazy Cuban-American mom who thinks she can do so much yet does so little, has to be realistic!

 So, I am taking 2 of the 3 blogs (Little Saints in the Making as well Hair Bows 4 Life the Blog) condensing them into this blog that I used to have a few years back. 

* I will also limit my intake of books, classes, podcasts, etc.

 * I will be more intentional in putting things into action instead of inquiring more information.


I will go back to the basics of truly finding God’s mercy in my self-care. That by having a real personal relationship with God, I will not only achieve peace and joy in my vocation, but I will also satisfied the charisms that I tend to have. 

Which I believe is to encourage women, mothers of all stages of life, to truly seek God in their self-care. To really see His merciful love in love of self. (Merciful Love Challenge- Lent 2020 and Mother’s Mindset Opens Feb. 1st)

 Having a real personal relationship with Christ is also having a real personal relationship with ourselves.  This is a relationship in finding wellness in whole-body, something that we all desire and deserve!

  What I have learned from this amazing experience is to be true to self (no matter the stats, the dislikes, the negative response), to be true to God’s calling that was set aside for one no matter the vocation nor stage of life, and just have fun.

 In the end, it’s not if we were successful. No. It’s that we were just faithful to the call.

The call to be intentional disciples of Christ along with a deep personal relationship with Him.

So if you would like some laughs or shaking your head at my ups downs on this rollercoaster, then please subscribe  to the list.   Don’t worry only planning on emailing once or twice a month. 

I just want to share with you how beautiful it is when moms get together to support each other in seeking holiness.

 That we can come together to achieve the same goal. 

Holiness, among the chaos of our vocation of marriage and motherhood.

 With the Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia