LittlCongratulations on embarking on a transformative journey to become the best version of yourself—mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally—this Advent season. You’ve embraced the challenge, and the path ahead promises growth and self-discovery.

Here is your commitment worksheet.

Bring this to prayer, seeking God’s guidance on whether these requirements align with your current journey. Are they challenging enough to inspire growth, yet not overwhelming to the point of discouragement?

Thoughtfully complete the sections outlining what you believe God is calling you to undertake in the next 30 days, and make a sincere commitment. Ideally, complete this reflection before Day 1.

After filling out the form, print and display it on your refrigerator as a tangible commitment to your challenge!

Explore the resources available to support you on your 21-day Advent journey—a perfect beginning to your wellness to holiness transformation!

Private Facebook group: Little Way Wellness Facebook Group

Whatzup : Little Way Wellness Advent

Online Support:

Trinity Wellness Support:  Tuesday @ 7pm central time on zoom Trinity Wellness Support: 

Experience the gift of strength, peace, and clarity this Advent by embracing The Little Way Wellness – a unique wellness planner and journey that guides you in cultivating these qualities in your life through small, manageable steps.


Inside the Planner & Journal:

* It breaks down wellness into three key aspects: body, mind, and soul, providing practical daily routines.

* Guides you in nurturing your spirituality with simple prayer method of The Examen Prayer.

* Empowers your mind through journaling, creating Godly Affirmations, and gratiude. 

* Offers tips and habits to nourish and strengthen your body, incorporating functional workouts.

* Tracks your progress and showcases your commitment to wellness through holiness.

* Provides 21 days of daily planning, to-do lists, habit tracking, meal logs, spiritual resolutions, and with words to inspired from St. Therese. 

The planner/journal paperback is conveniently sized at 6 x 9 inches.

 Get your copy today and be ready to challenge yourself this Advent Season.