Welcome February, the month of love. All month long we will hear about Love.  We have all heard the campaigns and slogans: Love Your Body! 

Often when we think of that message, we think of body image. And healthy self-esteem and love for your own shape is important!

But it is also imperative that we actually love our bodies… as in treat our bodies in a loving way by providing nourishment, exercising regularly, and making sure that all of our body systems are running well!

Let me to insert a few words on this  Super Bowl Halftime Show.  That is not loving our body, nor ourself, nor God.  Just because those older women are in great shape doesn’t mean that they have a healthy self-esteem or love for themselve. 

 You don’t need to be mostly naked to show off to the world a healthy self-esteem. NO.  Sorry. 

I am not a bit envy of those ladies and their bodies, I truly feel sorry for them.   

For they don’t know  how precious they, how  exquisite their bodies.  They don’t know how much God loves them.

This is the only body that you get, it is forever yours. And how you choose to treat your body will have a large impact on your life, yes even the after-life we are all seeking — Heaven.

Think of your relationships with others, if you don’t treat them well or nourish the relationship – it becomes unhealthy. The same is true for your body.


So how do you show ❤️ for your body?


Here are a few key things that we , mothers, can try to do every day to treat that bod kindly:

❤️ Drink lots of water! ( Have a large mason jar on the counter so that you can see if  you are drinking enough or not.)

… Consumer a lot of water results in better exercise, a sharper mind, clearer skin, better kidney function, and a healthier digestive system.

❤️ Get enough sleep! (Ok. This might not work all the time due to nursing babies, toddlers, teenagers but maybe we can nap when some of them nap, ha ha… I know)

… Adequate rest will help you to get sick less often, keep a healthy weight, have lower stress and better moods, have a clearer mind and memories, and significantly lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

❤️ Exercise (You don’t need to spend hours at the gym, a walk can do great wonders, a kettlebell work out for 15 minutes is my to go, even stairs works! — Remember this post on 5 ways to squeeze exercise.)

… Exercise increases muscle growth and strength, protects bones and your joints, increases blood supply and oxygen to your muscles, and creates a healthier system.

❤️ Healthy Diet (It is simple as trading in one processes food for a whole food… Take our 5 Days of Cleaning up our eating challenge )

… The food that you consume acts as fuel for each system in your body so that it can function as it should.

❤️ And finally… UNWIND!  (Ok, I know I try to add some humor in here. This is hard for many mothers but just taking a few minutes, hey even in the closet works — trust me it does!   One of my favorite mid-day is listening to the Daily Disconnect Podcast – a  brief, Catholic, daily prayer experience of simple faith in the Carmelite tradition.)

… Meditate, pray, write, etc. because it is good for the soul

The mind is part of our body as well and in order to truly love our bodies, we need to remember to unwind from time to time. Our brain not only directs every system in our body, but also carries all of our thoughts, plans, worries, stress, etc.

Sometimes we forget that we need to give the mind a break! Whether it is through prayer, meditation, writing, painting, walking outside and enjoying the weather, or listening to relaxing music – take time to give your mind a little TLC.

Well, my sisters in Christ, I pray that you take something from this post and apply to your life.  Let me know if there is anything you want more of or how I can pray for you today!

With the love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia