Have you ever taken the word “pro-life”and thought the meaning of it?

 When you look up it in the definition, you get “opposed to abortion”.  

But being opposed to abortion is not being pro-life. There is so much more to pro-life than just being opposed to abortion.  

It is how we live, living the Gospel of Life in our hearts, minds, and homes.   

Being open to life, all life at all stages!

I never gave much thought to the meaning of pro-life until I experience one of the darkness moments in my life.   

 Have you ever thought of openness to Death when you hear those words?

  I never thought in my life that being pro-life, an openness to LIFE also meant having an openness to DEATH.

 This openness of death didn’t really hit home to me until the death of my third unborn child.

  Losing an unborn child is no stroll in the park at whatever stage that child had stop developing.  

 I have lost two children borderline of the first and second trimester which one resulted in an emergency D&C.  This D&C is the same thing they do in abortion clinics and my medical records reports: abortion.    Words or Words.  They have this sword like affect.

It wasn’t until the losses of my two sons, both  late into my 2nd trimester that change this meaning of pro-life, openness to life into something dark yet beautiful.    

  I had to deliver these silent babies into my arms for a short time but forever in my heart.

  God’s love and presence during one of the hardest times in my life was so overwhelmingly beautiful.

 First one occurred during the start of Holy Week 2012, where I was able to unite my suffering of losing my son with Mary. 

 She knew that saying YES to God, that openness to LIFE meant that death of her son, a cruel death will bring LIFE to the world. 

 This is when I started to see that being open to life, being pro-life meant I had to be open to death. 

It meant that I had to be open to the idea that my unborn babies might not see this side of earth but experience a greater beauty, truth, and love in the arms of our Lord.


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 Would I have know that I would experience this great suffering only 16 months later, I might not have been that open to life, that pro-life at all. 

To lose Juan Diego was heart arch so strong.  But it was during his burial that I knew that this openness of Life, this pro-life view, this open to see the beauty of death was so that I can really mourn not for the death of my beloved children but for the million of babies that have lost their lives in the name of “freedom, “legal, “a right”. 

Truly taking the words, Pro-Life into heart, mind, and soul!

 Do not let the language of the culture of death remove the beauty of being open to life even if death is at hand.

For we as Catholic mothers know that our goal in having children is to bring them to the arms of Our Lord.

This death only brings life, an everlasting life with God!

On this day, January 22, a day of prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children, let us mourn for them with an openness to life in our souls.  


With the love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia  

If you are suffering due to the loss of your unborn child, this book had a great impact of healing and hope during my moments of darkness,After Miscarriage: A Catholic Woman’s Companion to Healing & Hope.  Please reach out and let us comfort each other with prayers and words.