Have you ever contemplated the true essence of the term “pro-life”?

When we encounter it in definitions, it’s often simplified to merely being “opposed to abortion.” However, the concept extends far beyond mere opposition to abortion.

Pro-life encompasses a profound ethos of living, embodying the Gospel of Life in our hearts, minds, and households. It’s about embracing life in all its forms and at every stage, cherishing its sanctity and inherent value.

Yet, have you ever considered the flip side of this coin — an openness to death? The realization dawned on me during one of the darkest moments of my life.

The loss of my unborn child brought this truth sharply into focus. Each loss, whether in the early stages or later into the second trimester, was a profound and agonizing experience.

The medical procedures, documented in clinical terms, carried a weighty significance that cut deep.

It wasn’t until the devastating losses of my two sons, occurring late into my second trimester, that the meaning of pro-life took on a new dimension. It became a journey through darkness, yet adorned with a peculiar beauty.

In those heart-wrenching moments, I had to cradle my silent babies in my arms, their presence fleeting but their memory eternal. It was in those moments that I felt the overwhelming embrace of God’s love and presence, even amidst the pain.

The first loss coincided with the beginning of Holy Week in 2012, a poignant reminder of Mary’s own suffering and sacrifice.

Like her, I learned that saying yes to life also meant embracing the reality of death. It meant trusting in a greater beauty, truth, and love beyond this earthly realm.

In the midst of sorrow, I found solace in the belief that my unborn children were embraced by the arms of our Lord, experiencing a transcendent reality beyond our understanding.

And in that paradoxical union of life and death, I discovered the profound depths of what it truly means to be pro-life. 

Had I foreseen the immense suffering awaiting me a mere 16 months later, perhaps my openness to life, my pro-life stance, would have faltered.

Losing Juan Diego was a heartache of unparalleled magnitude. Yet, amidst the anguish of his burial, a profound realization took root within me.

It was then that I grasped the true essence of being open to life, of embracing a pro-life perspective — it was not just about mourning the loss of my cherished children, but about grieving for the countless unborn lives lost in the name of so-called “freedom,” “legality,” and “rights.”

In embracing the ethos of Pro-Life, I discovered a deeper connection to the sanctity of life, woven into the very fabric of my being.

It’s about allowing oneself to see the beauty even in the face of death, to hold onto hope amidst despair.

As Catholic mothers, we understand that our ultimate aim in bringing forth life is to usher our children into the loving embrace of Our Lord. Thus, even in the throes of death, we find solace in the belief that it leads to eternal life with God.

On this solemn day, January 22, designated for the Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children, let us mourn for them with hearts open to the fullness of life.

With the boundless love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia


If you are suffering due to the loss of your unborn child, this book had a great impact of healing and hope during my moments of darkness,After Miscarriage: A Catholic Woman’s Companion to Healing & Hope.  Please reach out and let us comfort each other with prayers and words.