“Courageous suffragists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who fought for women’s right to vote, also opposed abortion. Pro-lifers should be inspired by the early suffragists who understood the true dignity of women, and that every person, born and unborn, deserves equal rights and protections under the law. The success of the suffragists in achieving a guaranteed right to vote for women gives us hope that one day all persons, born and unborn, will be guaranteed the right to life.”

Jeanne F. Mancini

President, March for Life



We are coming upon the 47th year that thousands will March for Life. It all started with a small group of protestors who didn’t want the one year anniversary of Roe vs. Wade to go unnoticed. So they got together and march.





Not everyone can make the trip to the March but we all can do something on March 24th as well on the 22nd to support the pro-life movement.


Here are 5 ideas of how we can be pro-life at home.

 1. Pray and Fast. Pick a day that you will pray and fast to end this evil. Pray for the abortion doctors, nurses, politicians. Find their names. Pray for them by their names. Fast for them!

2. Be the Light of Christ. Love. Have a merciful love for all humans. See Christ in everyone you meet. Smile. Love your family, first.

3. Be Social. Use social media what social media is best for. Spread the word. Find some pro-life Facebook pages that inform you of the Pro-Life movement. Next, Share, Share, Share.

4. Adopt a baby. Spiritually adopt a baby. Give them a name. Pray for them.

5. Support pro-life organizations that are in the front line of this battle for LIFE. Give them $5, the cost of latte. Monthly, weekly? Whatever you can. Switch organizations. Make it a family event to read up on organizations and what they do and ask the kids to vote where to donate. Ask them to donate as well.


Here are other great posts from other Catholic blogs to give you inspiration in being pro-life from home.


Dianna Kenndy shares some outstanding ideas on how to support the pro-life movement, 10 Simple Ways to Support the Pro-Life Movement.


CatholicOnline.Net share Easy 5 steps to Support the March for Life.


Amy Brook shares 7 Meaningful Ways to Support the Pro-Life. Movement.



Here are few ideas to do with children from home on the day of the March.


  1. Watch the March on EWTN. It is really neat to see so many marching and listening to positive speech.
  2. Read Horton Hears a Who or watch the movie. Have a discussion on the pro-life movement afterward.
  3. Pray for the unborn, attend mass or adoration for an hour.
  4. Look for local Marches put on by your Catholic schools or Diocese.


Here are some crafts that you can do on this day.



Making signs is another way to bring children into the whole idea of marching, protesting, and freedom of speech.



Get free signs over at Rose Harrington.




Here are some shops and items you can buy to show your support for both the pro-life movement and small Catholic business.


Pro-Life Catholic Decal by Withjoyfulheart



How about a Fresh Roses Rosary from Fresh Rosary. This would be a great buy for a group that will be marching.



There are many places to get great pro-life t-shirts and sweaters to wear on the March or at home or at your local town on the day of the March to show support. Here are a few (click on the picture to take you to the shop):






 Hair Bows 4 life, have all our pro-life bows, pins, and bow ties that have little pro-life feet as their center. All their bows are 50% since the store is closing.


I pray that you are all blessed by this post and that God’s merciful love fill your heart and home today.


Maria Cecilia