Yes, you read it right. PUSH-UPS.

After working out with our personal trainer for the Fiat Wellness Center, Daniel, I have been able to do full push-ups. I love it. 

It was a challenge that I want to get myself to do full push-ups before the Fall of 2020 and I was able to so.

It wasn’t easy and at times not fun at all but I stuck to it thanks to Daniel and the ladies’ support of prayers at the Fiat Wellness Center.

So now, I am calling ALL Catholic Mothers to the Pro-Life Push-Up Challenge this LENT.

I learn about this challenge from a group of seminarians from the John Paul II seminary who are encouraging us to join them in raising money for the Sisters of Life in their #ProLifePush challenge.

Now… I challenge you Catholic Moms to this challenge.


Every Saturday in Lent – at 8am central on zoom. We will wait for you to join us and show us via video how many push-ups you can do in 1 Minute.   

For every 1 Full push-up or ever 2 on your knee push-ups, we at Catholic Fit Moms for Life / Fiat Wellness Center will donate a Dollar to SISTERS of LIFE.

Simple: Join us on zoom on any Saturday in Lent at 8 am central.  Do your push-ups as we watch live as well on FB, for 1 minute. We count, we record it and we donated at the end of LENT.

SO are you up for the challenge???  Calling ALL Catholic MOMS… SIGN UP BELOW!