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Holy & Hard: Wellness through Holiness Planner and Journal is an effective tool to be successful to complete the Holy & Hard seventy-five day challenge.

The planner/journal will bring you to enhance your wellness journey as you make acts of mercy for the Holy Souls.

Contents of the Planner & Journal:

  • This planner breaks down the 3 aspects of wellness; body, mind, and soul with a simple and very practical information that will create for you a simple daily routine.
  • It will show you how to grow your spirituality with simple prayer methods of mental praying, examen prayer and even get you in the habit of praying for the Holy Souls.
  • It will show you how to empower your mind with the powerful tool of journaling with a simple format to be able to get it done daily.
  • It will show you how to nourish and strengthen your body with basic yet profound habits and functional workouts.
  • This planner/journal will help you track your progress and show you how you have bravely answered the call to wellness through holiness.
  • Besides the practical information, you will have 75 days of daily planning, to-do list, tracking; your habits, meals, and spiritual resolutions, daily pages to write out your words.
  • This is a 8X10.

Don't delay seeking strength of the body, clarity of the mind, and peace in the soul! Order today and start tomorrow your challenge of wellness through holiness.

For more information: Wellness through Holiness 75 Days Challenges

Proceeds of this purchase goes to ordering Holy Mass for the Holy Souls.

For more information, visit Pray for Souls  of the Marian Fathers.


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Catholic Wellness Moms uses some of it's proceeds to order Holy Mass for the Holy Souls with the Marian Fathers of Immaculate Conception. For more information visit prayforsouls.org

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