Step into a realm of tranquility with our latest episode, “Reading and Scribing Serenity in the SAVERS Series,” as Wellness Wednesday invites you on a journey of mindful self-discovery.

Dive deep into the art of sacred reflection, where reading and scribing become powerful tools in the SAVERS series.

Explore how intentional reading can enlighten your mind, and discover the transformative impact of putting pen to paper in scribing practices.

⁠⁠The Miracle Morning Book

Blog post: Reading and Scribing SAVERS Series

Saint Name for the Year

Word of the Year

Living the Word Catholic Women’s Bible

Wellness: The Path to Holiness Wellness Planner & Journal.

An Encounter with a Holy Soul


Embark on a transformative journey this lent of faith, wellness, and sisterhood with the ⁠⁠Merciful Love Challenge⁠⁠. Tailored for Catholic women, this empowering 8-week experience combines spiritual growth, physical vitality, and emotional resilience.