Busy, busy, busy. Life is busy.

Hello, we are mothers!!  Our Life is busy even when we just at home. 

We hear the same broken records from ourselves to our mama friends when they ask, how are we doing; “Good! But so busy!”

Between family responsibilities and obligations, work load, chores at home, kids’ practices,
making time for our husband, trying to see friends and relatives, getting the oil changed, laundry, attending weddings, birthday parties, etc….

We are busier than ever!

Now try to fit working out and maintaining a healthy diet! No wonder it is a challenge. RIGHT?  I mean I can heavy lifting with diapers or putting kids in the bathtub, we can do cardio running back and forth with a potty trainer, and eat? — If we recall to feed ourselves, Fasting without even thinking about it.

And the truth is, the first thing to get bumped from the busy schedule is YOU and Me.  We mamas don’t even know it but we make ourselves, martyrs. 

My planner is filled with events, gatherings, appointments, and meetings.  Here are some planners that wouldn’t break the bank nor your purse; Weekly Catholic Planner 2020- St. Zelie and  2020 1 Year Planner: Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I use this downloadable Catholic from Elizabeth Clare one put into this pretty binder.

We RSVP, put it on the calendar, and then – regardless of how tired we are or how much we have to get done that day or week. We show up. Because we told someone that we would. Because someone else is expecting us to and depending on us.

But when we make plans for ourselves – to work out, to look up healthy recipes, to stretch and meditate – nobody else is depending on us to follow through on those plans. So we often push them back.

We say that we are too busy with all of our other obligations and expectations and we let that plan that we had for ourselves get bumped off of the schedule. We don’t make it to the gym. We don’t do that home workout.

We all have 24 hours in the day. Even the busiest of people.

What if we stop making plans for ourselves and make some plans WITH ourselves? What if you took the time to put yourself in the planner?

RSVP to yourself.  Would you cancel on your Moms Night out plans, Date night with husband, Spiritual direction with Father? NO, we wouldn’t so why or why do we cancel on ourselves? 

Your goals and a little bit of “you time” are just as important as all of the things that you do for others.

Why not give that time as much of a priority as you give the time that you reserve for others?
Whether it is scheduling time at the gym, signing up for a fitness class and putting it on the schedule, or just reserving a small chunk of time to work on a personal goal. Schedule it, RSVP to it, and then stick to it!

I challenge each of you to add yourself to your planner.  

I know how hard this vocation of motherhood can be and that time is so limited that we to even think about giving ourselves time to do a workout, or rest the mind and soul might seem crazy!

But I promise you, my sister in Christ, you will be surprised how it will change your day and you will achieve more fulfillment of your vocation.

How about you join in a 5 Days, Free Email Challenge, that takes only 30 minutes a day!

It’s a simple challenge, where you will get a short journal of 3 things to do for whole-body wellness that will take no more than 30 minutes!

Let’s use this year to be intentional in our vocation starting with our self-care so that we can find the strengthen body, the clear mindset, and the uplift soul to keep on walking this journey towards wellness and most important, Sainthood!

With the love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia

P.S. – Check our Lent 2020 Merciful Love Challenge, let this lent be where you find God’s mercy in your self-care!