Do you have a dream, that even though you push it aside, brush it off as impossible, or given it little attention, it keeps coming back to you?

Do you ever wonder why it stays with you, even after years of ignoring it?

Is it something from God? Something He wants to you act on it but He waits to see if you have come to terms that you must act on this dream?

Yes. – Fiat. – Let It Be Done.

Finally, I have come to terms to this dream and saw that it’s done in phases.  

The first phase, the Year of Mercy. When I finally had that Divine Mercy Door experience that shocked me to the core. The one where I saw that I was worth that merciful love that I gave to others but couldn’t give it to myself.

That was start of this journey towards wellness, that was baseline of our Merciful Love Challenge. 

I grew so much since that day that I wouldn’t believe that I am here now, writing about the next phase of this dream.

 However, getting to this next phase took a nudge by my dearest Mother as I started to deepen my relationship with her.

I started to see that Mother Mary wasn’t here for me so that I can relate to her or try to measure up to her.  No, Mother Mary was here so that I can seek her in all that I do. Where she can give me wisdom, courage, and strength to give my Fiat to God.

This mindset shift on Mary happen when I began the Impossible Request Novena.

Click image to download the Novena.



It sure has been a journey that has brought new light on the dream of many years.

Adding the Rosary Novena these pass weeks has added even more light and courage to undertake a big task that God has been asking me for years.

It hasn’t been an easy and painless ride. But one can only grow to higher heights when one is pushed and pulled.  And the hard part haven’t even come.

So with that, I have to come into this new exciting next phase of my dream. 

You see this dream keeps appearing over and over for years, that I finally gave it some attention and a bit of courage to undertake the risk to fulfill that dream. 

Yikes.. I haven’t even give you a description of the dream. Well, to get to the point of this post, I will keep it short, the description. 

A Center. – Wellness Center.

The Fiat Wellness Center. 

Yes saying to the call of holiness in wellness.

 A place where women of many sizes, colors, stages in life can come and see their greatness and beauty within given to them by our Almighty God since day one.

A place where we moms come to meet our strength and our children their own, a place to learn and enhance our holiness in wellness. Where one can see life as it is, beautiful, worth fighting for, worth living it out to its fullness.

Until that day, we work, we pray, and we let it be done, At least in phases.

So here is to the next phase.

This Fall, we have revamped our challenge into something that has been an inspiration of Mary.

A Fiat to saying YES to this journey of holiness in wellness, to letting it be done and living this life in health and fullness, not just getting by!

Read more over at our information page and see if this is something you would want to say Yes to.

Let it Be Done in strength, knowledge, and prayer.

With the love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia.