Welcome to “Wellness Wednesday: The Wellness through Holiness Movement,” where we explore the profound connection between our well-being and the principles of holiness.

Each episode, we’ll delve into the intersection of mind, body, and spirit, uncovering ancient wisdom and modern insights to help you achieve a harmonious and fulfilling life. Get ready to elevate your well-being as we blend the sacred and the practical in our pursuit of holistic wellness.

This podcast is dedicated to raising awareness about the Wellness Through Holiness movement, championed by Trinity Wellness Center—a non-profit organization committed to empowering women on their holistic wellness journey.

We passionately embrace the integration of body, mind, and soul through a diverse array of tools and programs designed to foster well-being. Explore more about our initiatives and join the movement.

Be Marc with hope

In this episode, I recount a poignant encounter with my dear friend⁠ Marc from the Marian Fathers⁠, whose life tragically ended in the throes of battle, yet through the grace of God, hope persists. Additionally, I delve into our ministry, ⁠"Marc with Hope," ⁠dedicated...

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Embracing Self-Mercy

In this episode, I delve into the crucial yet often overlooked aspect of self-mercy on the wellness journey. From nurturing a positive self-image to practicing self-care rituals, discover practical strategies to cultivate a mindset of self-mercy that nourishes the...

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Unexpected Joy and Solace in Suffering

In this episode, I shared about my journey of losing my son 12 years ago this Easter Sunday. Despite the unimaginable pain, I discovered unexpected joy and solace in my suffering, drawing parallels with the sorrows of Mary. See how we can find strength and comfort in...

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Gracefully Fasting

In this episode of "Gracefully Fasting," we delve into the profound spiritual practice of fasting from a Christian perspective, specifically tailored for women. Fasting is more than just abstaining from food; it's a transformative experience that draws individuals...

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Being Call Out On My Cowardice by Cabrini

In this episode, I confronted a profound internal conflict: the stark realization of my own cowardice in failing to heed God's call to establish the Trinity Wellness Center. As I watched the events unfold in the movie, I couldn't escape the reflection of my own fears...

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Trinity Examen offers a beautiful framework for daily introspection, forgiveness, and growth. In this episode, join me on a profound exploration of spiritual and holistic well-being as we dive into the transformative practice of the Trinity Examen. Designed...

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On the Podcast: Nurturing Self-Worth

In this episode of the podcast, I delve into the profound topic of self-worth through the lens of faith. Guided by biblical principles and personal experiences, we embark on a transformative exploration of how God views Us, His daughters and how we can cultivate a...

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A Bright Line Catholic.

In this insightful episode, I delve into my transformative journey with Bright Lines, recounting how the structured approach provided the foundation I sought in 2021. Now, as Lent unfolds, I revisit the empowering discipline of Bright Lines, recognizing that structure...

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Join me as I delve into the transformative power of cultivating holy moments in our daily lives with divine presence and embrace grace through these 3 transformative steps from St. Francis De Sales. ⁠Fr. Mike's Sunday Homily⁠ Blog post on⁠ EMBRACING GRACE: 3 STEPS TO...

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Graceful Harvest: Nurturing Self-Gratitude

In this episode, join me on a heartfelt exploration of self-gratitude for Catholic moms navigating the intricate landscape of wellness. I delve into the transformative journey of nurturing gratitude within oneself. From the spiritual sanctuary of prayer and reflection...

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SAVERS: Reading and Scribing Practices

Step into a realm of tranquility with our latest episode, "Reading and Scribing Serenity in the SAVERS Series," as Wellness Wednesday invites you on a journey of mindful self-discovery. Dive deep into the art of sacred reflection, where reading and scribing become...

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SAVERS: Visualization and Exercise Practices

In this special SAVERS edition, we delve into the power of Silence and Affirmation to enrich your mind, body, and spirit. In this episode,  I explore the spiritual significance of incorporating visualization and exercise into your daily routine. Discover the power of...

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SAVERS Series: Silence and Affirmation Series

In this special SAVERS edition, we delve into the power of Silence and Affirmation to enrich your mind, body, and spirit. Step into the sanctuary of your own heart, where the silent moments become a sacred dialogue with the Divine, and affirmations serve as anchors of...

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Graceful Reflections of 2023

In this inspiring episode, I invite you to embrace a positive reflection of 2023 wellness journey as we bid farewell to the past year and warmly welcome the opportunities that lie ahead. As we navigate the threshold of the new year, it's essential to pause and embrace...

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Hello! Intro to Wellness Through Holiness Movement

Welcome to our first episode of Wellness Wednesday! In this edition, I delve into my personal journey and the profound connection I feel to the wellness through holiness movement. Discover the essence of who I am and why embracing this movement is close to my...

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