“For some time I have felt the need to offer myself to the Lord as a victim for poor sinners and for souls in purgatory. This desire has grown continuously in my heart, until now it has become a powerful passion.”  Padre Pio

Padre Pio, also known as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, was a Capuchin friar and Catholic saint known for his deep spirituality and holiness.

He had a strong devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory and often encouraged prayers for their release and purification.

Padre Pio had several thoughts and practices related to the Holy Souls:

Prayer for the Holy Souls: Padre Pio was known to pray fervently for the souls in Purgatory. He believed in the power of prayer to assist these souls in their journey towards purification and ultimate entry into heaven. 

 * Holy Souls Rosary

 * Eternal Rest

Offering Mass for the Deceased: Padre Pio celebrated Mass regularly and often offered it for the souls of the deceased, especially those who had no one to pray for them. He believed that Mass was a powerful means of helping the Holy Souls.

   *  Capuchin missionaries: Request a mass to support their missions, the same order of Padre Pio

   * PrayforSouls: Request a mass by the Marian Fathers.

 Importance of Suffering: Padre Pio often spoke about the redemptive power of suffering and encouraged others to offer their sufferings for the souls in Purgatory. He believed that offering one’s own trials and tribulations could aid in the release of these souls from Purgatory.

    *  Plenary Indulgence: Learn how to gain them for the Holy Souls.

 Intercession for the Departed: Padre Pio encouraged people to intercede for their deceased loved ones and to remember them in their prayers. He believed that the prayers and sacrifices of the living could benefit the souls in Purgatory.

Celebrate this profound saint today as well grow your merciful love for the holy souls!  

Here are some sweet ways to celebrate Padre Pio’s Feast day with some coloring, baking, reading, and gifts!

Saint Padre Pio Coloring Page - The Catholic Kid

This contains an image of: St. Padre Pio

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Now, as Padre Pio would ask, pray for the Holy Souls, offer up your joys, sufferings, prayers, and more.  I need your assistance in collecting the names of these souls as I continue my training for the full marathon on December 10th.

Just fill out this simple form so that I can pray for them by name! 

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May the Risen Christ bring us mercy so that we rest in peace with God forever.

Maria Cecilia