“How little do we know revealing who you are: this silence, born of peace, perhaps speaks even more.” 

The above was written as a hymn to St. Scholastica by a Benedictine monk.

There is very little know about St. Scholastica besides the famous story surrounding her death and begging her brother, St. Benedict, to stay the night before she died, according to anecdote written by St. Gregory the Great. 

Have you in grade school had a Scholastic Book Fair? Oh, how I loved those book fairs. For a few bucks, you could pick out a book or two. I am not sure about Scholastic these days with so many books out about gender confusion but as a kid, I did love that book fair.

So if you knew about these books fairs, did you ever think of this saint?  Me, neither. Even as a student at a Catholic School, I was never told about this saint.

You see Saint Scholastica was the abbess of Plumbariola, the first “Benedictine” convent in Italy, Subiaco. This abbess was the site of the first printing press in Italy, established in 1463.

Since Scholastic had such love for the faith, she knew that books was another way to kept the faith going. So it makes sense that her abby would establish the first printing press.  

February 10th is the Feast Day of St. Scholastica, so here are some simple ways to celebrate this saint in the home!


The Prayer of St. Scholastica is all about tales of the twins, Benedict and Scholastica, and their experiences as children in northern Italy that influenced their great accomplishments in their adult lives.


I thought this looked like a neat craft for the children to make a printing press.

japanese binding-6514

Here are is a coloring page that many children enjoy.

saint scholastica coloring page

Saint Scholastica Coloring Page


Kids love snacks that go with a feast day. I guess a good excuse to eat “yummy” food.

I like this “book” theme snacks. 


Here are a few St. Scholastica gift ideas that you might get in time for the feast day. Click on the images to take you to the Catholic Shop.

Let us go out there and celebrate the lives of these saints.  May we always find courage and strength to seek holiness amidst our vocation of motherhood and marriage.

With the Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia