He didn’t retreat from the world; instead, he embraced it, seeking to open the door to Christ’s message.

He engaged with the world while also harboring deep affection for it.

Pope John Paul II recognized the importance of a harmonious well-being, understanding that such equilibrium enables individuals to respond to the call of holiness.

He participated in sports, excelling in running and skiing, understanding the significance of physical activity for maintaining a healthy body.

He engaged in prayer, nurturing a profound personal connection with Christ and recognizing the significance of prayer for the soul.


He delved into books, composed poems, and performed in plays, demonstrating his awareness of the importance of intellectual development.

Let us take inspiration from his life and strive for a well-rounded sense of well-being, enabling us to respond to the call to holiness. 

Here are some simple ideas to celebrate this profound saint!



Pope John Paul II

Saint Pope John Paul II Coloring Page Feastday: October 22 Patron: World Youth Day Birth: 1920 Death: 2005






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Pope John Paul II, had a great devotion to the Holy Souls and he shares that with us and askes to not forget them!

Joined to the merits of the saints, our fraternal prayer comes to the aid of those who await the beatific vision. Intercession for the dead, just as the life of those living according to the divine commandments, obtains the merits that serve the full attainment of salvation. It is an expression of the fraternal charity of the one family of God, by which “we are faithful to the Church’s deepest vocation” (Lumen gentium, n. 51): “to save souls who will love God eternally” (Thérèse of Lisieux, Prayers, 6; cf. Manuscript A 77rº). For the souls in purgatory, waiting for eternal happiness and for meeting the Beloved is a source of suffering, because of the punishment due to sin which separates them from God. But there is also the certitude that once the time of purification is over, the soul will go to meet the One it desires (cf. Ps 42; 62) …


I encourage Catholics to pray fervently for the dead, for their family members and for all our brothers and sisters who have died, that they may obtain the remission of the punishments due to their sins and may hear the Lord’s call: “Come, O my dear soul, to eternal repose in the arms of my goodness, which has prepared eternal delights for you” (Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life, 17, 4)”


Experience the fusion of prayer for Holy Souls and wellness in our 30-Day Holy & Hard Wellness Challenge!

Explore this challenge to elevate your well-being and deepen your devotion to the Holy Souls.

Additionally, consider our Holy Souls Journal, designed for recording the names of holy souls and their death anniversaries, ensuring you don’t forget to offer extra prayers for them.


Until next time, have a Bright Blessed Day,

Maria Cecilia