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The feast day of these two honorable saints is coming up soon in March. 

Who doesn’t know nor love these men of God, St. Joseph & St. Patrick.

These two saints have been a powerhouse for me in their own unique different ways. 

Let me share with you my personal story about how these amazing saints brought such faith and peace into my life.   

I met my husband at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in NYC, 20 years ago on October 8th after many years of praying to St.Joseph to bring me a good honorable husband. 

After few years living in Delaware, we started to attend the Latin mass in Wilmington at St. Patrick’s Church which I have met some of my dearest friends to this day there with one of the name Patricia and another name Patrick.   

A few years later, my husband was transferred to Mississippi, where we found a home close to St.Joseph’s cemetery which at that time didn’t have much meaning until we had to bury our son, Juan Diego a year later.  

 I found true healing after attending one of the most beautiful mass to this day, on an Easter Sunday at a Latin mass downtown New Orleans at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. 

I recall calling upon St. Patrick to bring me the healing of a mother’s broken heart.  It was my Easter miracle, during the most important part of the mass, I knew right then not only had Heaven open up but that my saintly children were there rejoicing with Our Savior.

True peace and Joy. 

I spent the next few years praying to St. Joseph once again, asking (more like begging) to ask God for the blessing of another child. 

So I decided to do my special white rose novena to St. Therese ( Side note here, I did this same novena after I met my husband before we got engaged. Without telling a soul that I was doing this novena, on the 24th day, not only did I get roses but 24 roses from my future husband to be!)  

 On the last day of the novena, I had gone to the Adoration Chapel, which has a small statue of St. Joseph by its window. I didn’t notice anything usual about it going into the chapel but on the way out of the chapel, I had a sense of the smell of roses, to which I noticed by the St.Joseph’s statue, 2 white roses! 

That was on November 27, 2014, and my sweet lucky charm baby girl was born March 17, 2016, on St. Patrick’s day who happens to have a godfather name, yup, Patrick!  

As you can see how these two Saints have been leaving their beautiful marks on my life and heart!

Check out this simple free printable from How to Home.

“So I turned with all my heart to the Lord my God, and he looked down on my lowliness and had mercy on my youthful ignorance.” 

 St. Patrick(Confessio, 2)

To Celebrate St. Patrick’s feast day on March 17th, I plan to make this simple corn-beef and cabbageand Irish Soda bread in honor of my friend Patricia.  She would make these all the time and share them with her friends!

I created this shamrock craft as a simple way to teach the Holy Trinity to young children.

St. Patrick used a shamrock to teach this mystery of the church.  It is a simple cute and pastes in Latin and English. Click on Image to download the craft.

There are several popular legends about how St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the mystery of the Trinity. According to one story, St. Patrick went to Connaught where he met two of King Laoghaire’s daughters, Ethne and Fedelm. St. Patrick had been unable to persuade the king to convert, but he convinced the king’s daughters. During their time of instruction St. Patrick used a shamrock to visualize the mystery of the Trinity, how a single plant with three leaves is analogous to the one Triune God with three separate and distinct Persons (Thurston, H. J., ed., Butler’s Lives of the Saints, Vol. 1, 615). – Catholic Hotdish

Here are some simple crafts & dishes to make, books to read, and gifts to buy.

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St Patrick Patron Saint Block // Catholic Toys by AlmondRod image 0

Play Dough Kit Saint Patricks Day Play Dough Kit Kids Play image 0

“Saint Joseph. One cannot love Jesus and Mary without loving the Holy Patriarch.”

St. Josemaria

For Saint Joseph’s feast day, in this area where we live, St. Joseph’s Altar table is very big. I am amazed by what some of these churches make in his honor! 

Here are some simple yet yummy items to make for your own St. Joseph’s Altar.

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St. Joseph is the protector of the church and an amazing example of how to be a husband and spouse. Check out the carpenters square in the pattern! St. Joseph didn't say much... well anything we know of, but we have so much to learn from him.

How blessed we are in our faith to have these two saints a part of our journey of holiness.

Join us every Wednesday, on St. Joseph’s Day as we pray and fast for our husbands.


With the Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia.