So, I am back.   

If I could tell you all that has to happen since the last time I have written, you wouldn’t believe me. But that is OK.

I tell you a few things. 

So just when I believe that I felt it was time to ease back into the social media world (FB, Instagram, etc) –  I got banned for LIFE from FB. 

Yeah, FB said that my pages such as the Catholic Fit Mom one, the No One Dies alone went against their policy so my personal account was banned and I have no access to those pages, never.

 I have no access to almost 12 years of photos and videos, etc. 

I was also locked out of my Gmail account until the other day. 

Yeah. I got the hint.   

So after many days of just prayer and reflecting, I decided to create a new account on FB and Instagram.

I know there is so much good there and I wanted to be part of the good as well. 

I have also in the meantime, created amazing habits that I have now in place to keep the balance that I had lost last year. 

 I have simplified everything. 

I created a new group from my new personal account that will include about everything from the other groups such as wellness (more below on my personal breakthrough), all things Catholic, pro-life, and just living a Bright Catholic Life!

So let me backtrack a bit about my very own personal wellness journey.

I want to be totally honest with you.  I have been on a weight plateau for months and months.

I just couldn’t understand why!! I was working out all the time and eating about 80% clean.

But why or why the numbers just didn’t move!!

As I am in the midst of this storm in my spiritual life and physical world, I felt I was on the last thread of my rope, when God sent me a line.

A very BRIGHT line.

I came across the science of eating written in a way that I could not only understand but that I could implement right away.



I found my lifeline, a very bright one at the right moment of my life. Right as I am on my 5 years of the start of my wellness journey.

 Bright Line Eatingis a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board


It is a structure that is helping my brain to get off the plateau once and for all.

What I have learned in 10 days has been for me life-changing.

1.) I wasn’t eating enough.

2.) I was blocking my brain from letting me eat to lose and yet not lose my mind.

3.) Having a line not to cross is a more freely thing I have ever experience!

So I jumped in and haven’t looked back. I have lost 4 pounds of fats in one week.

Not water but fats.

I have created a simple private group on Facebook where I will share my own journey of finally living a happy, thin, and free life with the science of Bright Line Eating and the Catholic faith.

 There, we will post all things Catholic, all things beautiful in living this crazy life called motherhood looking to be a good steward of the life God has given us.

It’s a place for encouragement, engagement, prayers, and more! 

I just combine all of my other pages into one simple group. 

Keeping it Simple. 

Keeping it Balance.

Keeping it Discipline.

You see, in the past few weeks, I have grown more in my spiritual awareness than in a whole decade.

Simply due to the Darkness that God has given me.

Yes, it is a scary thing, lonely at times but a beautiful thing for this darkness brings light to the things that the soul needs to see as to grow towards holiness.

You see for a long time, I was a Martha, I was living a heresy.

Did you know that there was a heresy called Marathaism, also know as Americanism that Pope Leo XIII share in his writing during the 1890s?

So basically it is the tendency to put ourselves, our work, and our productiveness above God.

I did that for so long or at least the last 2 years and through this new road of Darkness, God has shown me in many beautiful ways, how to be like Mary.

Now, I can’t imagine not spending my mornings in pure silence with the Lord.

I have learned so much from taking away the Martha in me and just being a Mary at the foot of the cross.

I am by no means a saint, I am a wicked sinner who has been given the clarity of my soul’s state in a profound way that is painful yet most necessary.

But I am just going to live it “One moment a time,” as Padre Pio says since it’s really all we have.

So join us over at our group; A Bright Line Catholic Living, and let us share in the Brightness, Beauty, and the Best that this world has to offer to each other!

Until next time, live a bright life so others can see HIS light shine through you!

Maria Cecilia