I’ve returned, and if I were to recount everything that’s transpired since my last communication, it would sound like a tale too surreal to believe. But that’s alright.

Let me share a glimpse.

Just as I began contemplating re-entering the realm of social media—Facebook, Instagram, and the like—I received a lifetime ban from Facebook. It seems my pages, like “Catholic Fit Mom” and “No One Dies Alone,” ran afoul of their policies.

Consequently, my personal account was banned, along with any access to those pages, indefinitely wiping out nearly 12 years’ worth of photos and videos.

Adding to the frustration, I found myself locked out of my Gmail account until recently.

Needless to say, I took the hint.

After days of prayerful reflection, I made the decision to create new accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Despite the setbacks, I recognize the abundance of positivity present on these platforms, and I’m eager to contribute to that goodness.

During this hiatus, I’ve cultivated invaluable habits aimed at restoring the balance I lost last year. I’ve streamlined my life, simplifying everything.

Furthermore, I’ve established a new group from my fresh personal account, encompassing the essence of my previous groups: wellness (more on my personal breakthrough below), Catholicism, pro-life advocacy, and the pursuit of a vibrant Catholic lifestyle.

Let me take a moment to share some insights into my personal wellness journey.

To be completely transparent, I’ve hit a prolonged weight plateau that has left me perplexed for months on end.

Despite dedicating considerable time to exercise and maintaining a diet that’s roughly 80% clean, the numbers on the scale simply refused to budge.

Feeling as though I was navigating through a storm in both my spiritual and physical realms, I found myself at the end of my tether, when suddenly, it felt as though God sent me a lifeline—a brilliantly illuminated one at that.

I stumbled upon a scientific approach to nutrition that not only resonated with me but also offered practical steps I could implement immediately.


I’ve discovered my saving grace, a beacon of hope that arrived precisely when I needed it most—right at the five-year mark of my wellness journey.

Bright Line Eating—a scientifically-backed program—has provided me with a simple yet profound method for aligning my brain with my nutritional goals.

This structured approach is finally breaking through the plateau that has plagued me for so long.

In just ten days, the lessons I’ve absorbed have been nothing short of transformative.

Firstly, I realized I wasn’t consuming enough food to support my body.

Secondly, I uncovered the mental barriers that were hindering my weight loss progress, yet with Bright Line Eating, I’m able to shed pounds without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

And perhaps most liberating of all, establishing clear boundaries around what I eat has granted me a newfound sense of freedom.

With unwavering commitment, I dove headfirst into this program and haven’t looked back since.

The results speak for themselves—four pounds of genuine fat lost in just one week, not merely water weight, marking a significant milestone in my journey towards holistic wellness.

I’ve established a cozy, Facebook group where I’ll be chronicling my personal odyssey towards embracing a life of joy, leanness, and liberation through the principles of Bright Line Eating, intertwined with the teachings of the Catholic faith. (Updated: 2024 – We have a FB page and Email Course with added accountability.)

Within this space, we’ll delve into all things Catholic, celebrating the beauty and challenges of navigating the intricate journey of motherhood while striving to be faithful stewards of the precious gift of life bestowed upon us by God.

It’s a sanctuary for mutual support, heartfelt interactions, communal prayers, and more.

By amalgamating all my previous pages into this singular group, I’m streamlining the experience—keeping it simple, balanced, and grounded in discipline.

In recent weeks, my spiritual growth has soared to heights I hadn’t fathomed possible in a mere decade—all thanks to the profound Darkness bestowed upon me by God.

Though daunting and occasionally solitary, this Darkness reveals truths essential for the soul’s journey toward holiness, illuminating facets previously obscured.

For too long, I embodied the essence of Martha, ensnared in a heresy I now recognize as Marathaism, or Americanism, as delineated by Pope Leo XIII in the 1890s—an inclination to prioritize our endeavors and achievements over God.

This self-centered path persisted for two long years until, guided by the path of Darkness, I discovered the serene wisdom of Mary.

Now, I can’t envision starting my mornings without immersing myself in pure silence alongside the Lord.

The transformation from Martha to Mary has been profound. I’ve gleaned invaluable lessons from shedding my Martha-esque tendencies and embracing the simplicity of being a Mary at the foot of the cross.

Far from claiming sanctity, I acknowledge my sinful nature with newfound clarity, a revelation both painful and indispensable.

Embracing Padre Pio’s wisdom to live “One moment at a time,” I navigate this journey, recognizing the present as our only true possession.

Join us in, “A Bright Line Catholic” where we converge to share in the brilliance, beauty, and blessings bestowed upon us, collectively nurturing each other in our quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Until we meet again, may you live a luminous life, allowing HIS light to radiate through you for all to behold.

With warm regards,
Maria Cecilia