Are you feeling… Overwhelmed, Overweight, and Overworked?

You know that you have had enough, you know that you need to change, but you don’t know where to start, there are so many different ways

And what about time? There just seems to be no time!

I get it, I have been there!

It wasn’t until I had a Godly intervention 6 years ago, that I knew I had to change- I learned to make wellness simple and holy.

Trinity Wellness

A program immersed in the Catholic faith, simple and holy – so moms can live out God’s greatest commandment to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and with all our strength!

In our program, you will achieve:

* Strengthen of body to lose the weight (8 to 15 pounds to start).

* Clarity of the mind to create fulfillment.

*Peace in the soul to grow in holiness!

All you need is a consistency and a willingness to be led by the Holy Trinity.

 What can Trinity Wellness help you achieve?

Get stronger and healthier.

Individualized support with accountability and resources to help you reach your wellness goals.

Grow in your Catholic faith.

Join a community of Catholic women who are seeking to bring the Lord into their wellness by surrendering their journey to Him with Joy.

Live your vocation and life to the fullest.

 You can’t fulfill the 2nd greatest commandment to love others as yourself, if you first don’t take care of yourself.

Get fit, live healthy, and deepen your prayer life so you can give your best to your family and to God.

Are you ready for the transformation that prioritizing your health and faith will bring you to your life and family through Trinity Wellness?

Our Coaching Packages all include:

Accountability and Support:  Daily contact with email and Text support.

Wellness Education:  Teaching Modules in Health, Mindset, and Prayerful Soul. The practical information in these modules are set up for you to have success and optimal health. 

Community: Private Facebook group ,a Whatsapp group and weekly zoom Group coaching. You’ll work on setting and achieving health, fitness, and faith goals on these coaching calls, with all our efforts centering on your personal relationship with Christ.


  • A Catholic Wellness Mom Planner Journal
  • A membership to SoulCore
  • 3 one-on-one 30 minutes coaching session

We guarantee that you will lose at least 8 pounds to 15 pounds on the 12 week program.
If you do the program and you don’t lose, we’ll refund the cost of the program!

There are just 3 things you must do to qualify for a refund:

  • Habit Sheet: must be filled out at least 6 days out of the week.
  • Food Log: must be filled out at least 6 days out of the week.
  • Group Calls: Attend at least 8 group calls during the 12 week program.

Are you ready for the  wellness  transformation now, to prioritize your health and faith, to bring back joy and peace into your life?

If so, don’t delay, Join Today!

Let’s talk and see if this is God’s will for you!

What Catholic wellness moms are saying…..


“This force me to make time for personal growth, and shows me what I’m weak in. God bless you as you inspired so many people to grow closer to the Him and to become a stronger child of God.”

Mary, from Mississippi

“This was so impactful in my life and has really made a difference in my thinking, my daily life, my habits. I need to make more progress but for the first time in most of my life, I now see life in a much healthier way, more spiritual as well.”

Natalie W., from Ohio

“Accountability was the motivation I needed to make changes I’ve know I needed to make for a long time.”

Drina, from Kentucky

Ready to learn more, to see if the Holy Trinity is calling you to the Trinity Program.

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