Today, we celebrate 104 years since the Miracle of the Sun at Cova da Iria in Fatima that startled 70,000 people.

Our Lady of Fatima’s main message is prayer, penance, and reparation.

Sometimes, using different means of praying can aid us on this journey of holiness. 

I have come to find ways to enhance the prayer life that helps me on this journey of #holinessthroughwellness.

I have come to a routine of doing my morning stretches as I do some of my morning prayers. 

Using Spotify has been a great help and I found some great treasures on there.

I made a playing list called Spiritual where I  host all of my daily prayers.


1. Morning Offering  – by Jennie Angell – She has a few prayers and her voice is sweet.

2. The Prayer Podcast – by Matt and Sara. I use their Litany of Humility and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  They have quite a few more like the Rosary and prayers for marriage, children, unborn and more. Their voices are lovely as well.

3. The Evening Examen: Ignatian Audio Meditations by GodinAllThings.com has this beautiful examen for the evening. They have a great list of other meditations such for Family Examen, etc.

4. Daily Lectio Divina – I have been adding this mental praying time to my daily prayer life and I feel that I found the jackpot here. Her voice is lovely.

5. The Liturgy of the Hours: Sing the Hour This is one of my all-time favorites. I listen to it when I run in the early morning. Try it for an experience! 

 I pray that you are able to enhance your pray life with these recommendation. 

Until next time, live a bright life so others can see HIS light shine through you!

With the Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia