I know that this title sounds a bit strange, Walking for the Dead.  We have come to a place where we have forgotten the departed souls, the dead.

We recall them on their holy day, All Souls Day, and maybe we do more in the month of November yet to the most part, they are forgotten.  

There was a time in the church that Holy Souls in purgatory was talked about in the homilies and schools.  When was the last time you heard your pastor talk about them? Encourage you to pray and offer up sacrifice and prayers for them?(not including All Souls Day!)

I am grateful that my father taught me to pray for the Holy Souls every time we pass a cemetery. He even once had me promise him that I wouldn’t forget him when he passed away, and to pray for him!     

I am keeping my promise to him!

But for many, many years, I didn’t think much of these poor suffering souls. 

It wasn’t for that beautiful grace that God gave me on my birthday last year to be visited by a Holy Soul, that I wouldn’t be thinking much of them today.

But I have been awakened to their dying need for our prayers and sacrifices. 

Since that day, I have been learning all that I can about Holy Souls and trying my best to promote this great need to pray for them, to offer all our joys, works, and suffering. 

Here are a few things

* Two challenges for your own wellness and increase your habit in prayers for the Holy Souls (Holy/Simple and Holy/Hard). 

* Podcast with prayers to listen and pray along for the Holy Suffering Souls.

* A Simple prayer journal where you can write down the names of Holy Souls on the day of their deaths to recall them; Holy Suffering Souls: A Prayer Journal.

 And now, this Walking for the Dead!

I have been meaning to complete a Full marathon for over a year now. I came to see that I am not able to really run it due to my sciatic pain on my hip. I can run low distances but the day of the half marathon I believe is over.

But I can walk it.  I didn’t realize that was a thing, walking a full marathon but it is and there are training programs and such.

Well, I found a Full Marathon to walk on Feb. 25, 2023 in Jackson Mississippi called the Mississippi Blues Marathon!

And since I need lots of motivation to do things (it’s my fallen nature), I decided to sign up and seek names of Holy Souls that I pray for during my training and race! Crazy, I know!

I calculated that I will walk 431 miles between my 18-weeks training and the full marathon, so I rounded up 450 of names I would like to collect so that I can pray for those Holy Souls!

Can you help me?  Just fill out this simple google form or email me at mariacecilia@catholicwellnessmom.com .   

I would love nothing more than to add their name to my playlist so that I can pray for them.

Again, just fill out this simple form, I would be grateful and those souls will be as well!

Check out these resources on Holy Souls!

Marian Father’s prayforsouls.orgPraying for Holy Souls | Holy Souls Sodality

Helpers of the Holy SoulsBlessed Mary of Providence, Foundress of the Helpers of the Holy Souls

Once again, I beg you don’t forget to pray for the Holy Suffering Souls. They need you!

Check out our blog post on how to celebrate All Souls day, Day of the Dead.

Have A Bright Blessed Day,

Maria Cecilia


If you would like to do your own, Walking for the Dead, download the image so that you can share it on your own space and please link back to this blog post so that others can learn all about the Walking for the Dead.