As I am gearing up to get ready for my own challenge of Holy & Hard on February 1st, I have come across already a few bumps on the road.

Andy from 75hard.com isn’t kidding when he says that this is mostly a mental challenge.

But as I am looking forward to the challenge, I am also wanting to really be stretched in my journey of #holinessthroughwellness. I see that my wellness does matter to my relationship with Christ, it goes hand and hand.

You see last night I broke my lines (the bright line is a method to help your brain help you on your wellness journey – read more here.)

I ate items that I told myself not to eat (sugar & flour). This morning, I wasn’t very happy with myself about breaking my lines.  I felt myself going down this hole and having the bad weather and not getting to adoration nor my run was really doing a number on me.

So I asked for His help.  I went to do my meditation on the Gospel and found nothing. I decided then to read the Liturgy of the Hours, Lauds, and just towards the end, there it was.

I thought He placed those words just for me.


I saw clearly that to move along in this journey of holiness through wellness, I can’t just eat this or drink that without any thought or care into what I am eating.

I need those lines. I know that those lines bring me peace and joy.

By surrendering my lines to God, I please Him.   Taking care of ourselves is pleasing to God. Isn’t selfish.  Its a must so that it can bring us peace and joy by the Holy Spirit.

So how do we do this?  We adopt customs (habits, such as Bright Lines, ) which must lead us to peace and improvement;  wellness of body and soul.

Thank you Jesus for bringing the Word into my soul today!


I am going to share what I am going to commit for myself for this  Holy & Hard.

Having written it out on the blog and on our Facebook group will help me to stay accountable for these days coming up.


The main reason why I wanted to create a Holy Souls version is so that I can keep praying for the most suffering souls and helping others get into this profound custom to do so. Read more at Holy & Hard page and my own personal story with a Holy Soul.

A few prayers are required but not limited. We will pray the daily pray for Holy Souls. We will call to recite the Holy Souls Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet or both.



I am going to stay with Bright Line Eating. I honestly don’t see it as a diet but as a way of life for me.  It is when I have felt the best. So why change it.  BLE  is simply using 4 Lines to not cross:

1. no sugar/flour, 2. 3 meals, 3. Weigh my meals, and 4. quantity.

I highly recommend her new book that just hits all aspects of using the brain to stay healthy.


I will use this bottle to gauge my 1-gallon intake. I plan to fill this one up and keep pouring it into a smaller one that will be easier to carry around. I am going to place it on my kitchen counter where everyone can see it.


Since I still training for my Full Marathon (Nov.), I am still running. I have come to enjoy running, especially the days I head to the beach to run.

Here is my exercis plan:

Monday & Thursday & Saturday 6 miles runs or more.

Tuesday and Thursday weights with my trainer.

Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday: SoulCore.

I do plan to go for walks when not too cold with my friend here.


One has to read 10 pages of a book (non-fiction/Spiritual). Audiobooks/Kindle DO NOT COUNT.

I have no problem reading 10 pages.  So I have a list of books that I plan to read during these 75 days.

So I challenge you to do Hard for Holy Souls and join us on Feb. 1st to Holy Saturday.

We have a simple journal to help you during these days as well support groups with a private Facebook Group as well as a Whatsapp group in case you don’t do Facebook or will be dropping Social Media during lent.

I leave you with this profound pray from today’s Liturgy of the Hour, Lauds:

 Lord, give us your strength in our weakness: when we meet problems give us the courage to face them. – Lord, hear us.

With the Love of Christ & Mother Mary,

Maria Cecilia